Services We Provide:

Initial Site Inspection:

We collect site data, develop design, identify components, and integrate all systems into one effective facility wide lightning and static protection system. 

Lightning Protection:

Although lightning cannot be eliminated; the risks associated with a lightning strike can be minimized by applying API, IEEE, NFPA, UL, and IEC standards.


We have products and procedures to mitigate fiberglass tank fires, tanker load-out terminal fires, tanker truck fires, vent valve fires, and thief hatch fires with our static mitigation processes.


Our grounding solutions gives lightning and static protection systems a reliable connection to the earth, which is crucial for quickly and safely removing destructive energy from assets by directing them to the ground. 


All parts of the system that are not electrical are bonded into one large system to minimize the risk and prevent lightning from entering the facility.


​Surge and lightning protection for all remote terminal units, pressure transmitters, flow transmitters, electric actuators, PLCs, and VFDs to prevent damage. 

Lightning Warning Systems:

Remote alerts for when there is a chance of lightning to be in your area. Send warning alerts to those on and off site. Ideal for drilling, fracing, coiled tubing, wireline, and cementing jobs. 

Site Maintenance:

We have a maintenance program that follows changes such as tank replacement and configuration changes as these can alter the system. We perform an on site inspection  to record results. We then send a report that includes any changes with an estimate for what the site needs to be complete. 

​Oilfield Lightning Services