VOC  Video Imaging

The VOC video imaging uses and infrared gas imaging camera that quickly and clearly provides a visual of fugitive emissions. 

The gases detected include: 

             Ethylene  1Hexane  Propanal                  1.3 Benzene  Isobutylene  2methylButadiene 1Butene  Methane  Propylene 1 pentane   StyreneVinyl Benzene  Toluene  Vinyl acetate Acetic Acid  ethenyl eater  Xylene1,2  1Propane  Isoprene  2methyl1,3  dimethyl butadiene  Benzene  Ethyl benzene  Ethylene oxide  Hexane Methanol  Propylene oxide   Propylene  Ethane  Octane  Heptane  Isopropyl alcohol  MEK Methyl Ethyl  Ketone 2   butanone  Propane  Butane   Pentane

The purpose of the inspection is to make sure you are compliant to the EPA mandated Quad O and Methane reduction regulations that were signed into law on May 12, 2016. 

During imaging, a live shot video, then switch to gas mode, and focus on thief hatches, vents, flanges, etc are all recorded. The video is a tool for the operator to know if and where leaks are, in order to make repair decisions. The video is NOT a recommendation by Abshier Energy LLC as to what an operator should do. 

A written report with ambient conditions and a USB drive will be given to the customer to use at their discretion.   

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